Bluetooth Headphones Just Got Better

Somehow I feel I have to defend myself about buying the best Bluetooth headphones for running in the world, even if it’s only my inner voice with an eye on my bank balance is the one doing the criticising. Anyway, here I am screaming loudly that my Jaybird X3 headphones are absolutely the toppest of the range and as far as I’m concerned worth every cent.  Obviously sounds are really important to me and, just as with all the rest of my running gear, it’s true I never do anything by half.  But I’m no fool and here’s why I’m shouting from the rooftops in favour of this particular purchase.

Exercise Headphones In Particular

I was confused by all the choice in the exercise-focused earphones so I researched only on the aspects that are important to me. And as a keen runner who really never lets anything but me off, rain, wind, snow, whatever, the top of my list is having the best possible Bluetooth headphones protection against rain damage - as well as effects from my sweat. Jaybird X3 have a coating that ticks that particular box. Then, because I cycle to the park I run in I want a pair of the best bluetooth headphones for running that allows me to wear my helmet with the headphones in the over-ear position - these do, I just completely lift the cord off the back of my neck leaving the X3 are secure in my ears.

Bluetooth Headphones While Running

When the phones are in my ears I really get the full benefit - I use the Jaybird MySound app which is the best Bluetooth serving app ever and you got to believe it but the settings I put in from the start just stay stored in the earbuds so all I have to do is keep my headphones on for running until I can run no more. Seriously though, you can’t beat buds that last a full 8 hours of use between charges - that’s a full day of music, i.e. a full week of exercise. Believe me, these Jaybird X3 are pricier than wired ones of course but when you’re running free and the sounds are coming in so well it’s absolutely worth the cost.